Luxury hotels in North America

Luxury hotels in North America… Come and discover luxury hotels that we have tested for you in the United States and Canada during trips and road-trips. Discovery of luxury hotels in North America.

Find out where to sleep on the American continent

Discover the luxury hotels USA that we have tested for you in the countries of North America. Whether in Canada, the United States or Mexico, the same quest for comfort and well-being is always pursued. In any case, these luxury hotels are worth a visit if you are looking for luxury and comfort. Let’s take a tailor-made trip off the beaten track in the United States. Because no matter what people say, it is difficult for any traveller to say that he or she has travelled the entire territory of North America. We had crossed it partly via Route 66 on an adventure trip and discovered many national parks that are worth a visit.

A change of scenery at the rendezvous

For my part, I had had the opportunity to write a travel column in a major magazine beforehand. This allowed me to be invited many times to beautiful hotels in the United States. Between hotels that are ideally located near a heavenly beach on the Pacific or Atlantic coasts, near a national park or unusual accommodation that offers you a real travel experience, the number of establishments is growing very fast. In any case, whether it is for a family trip, a group trip or any other form of stay, you will have the assurance of finding accommodation adapted to your needs. This will be an opportunity to take off on new escapades and enjoy perfect facilities: Outdoor swimming pool, spa, restaurants, design rooms… Yet it is not always easy to find a holiday offer perfectly adapted to your desires so many hundreds of sites exist. You will find on this site criticisms and clear-cut opinions about these hotels.

Planning a trip to North America

Discover these great addresses to keep in mind for your next trip to North America. Need an exceptional spa resort to close a family vacation? Or do you want a well located hotel club? These most beautiful hotels where we went for several days on the occasion of roadtrips or stays in the most beautiful American cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Miami, near skyscrapers or tourist sites… Divine settings with varied experiences, from the most mixed to the most successful… Everything to enjoy these luxury hotels in North America with Canada, the United States, Mexico… Discover our reviews on these hotels for a dream trip and vacation…

Travel in the sun

Whether it is for a professional stay or a holiday in the sun, every time, you will have the opportunity to visit club hotels, good deals, last minute or not, at the best price whatever your choice of destinations for summer holidays or long weekends or a short trip, close to local shops or not. From a holiday club to a well-located luxury hotel, you can make your choices according to your desires and preferences. Looking for a wellness stay, a gastronomic stay, a short stay? Need a perfect holiday rental to recharge your batteries and relax in complete privacy. You will spend unforgettable nights there… Many activities will be proposed with a wide choice available, these hotels are generally located near beautiful beaches, on the seafront or in the middle of nature… You will be able to see new Horizons with perfectly adapted holiday offers with these stays abroad.

Ideal destination: The USA, Canada….

Discover spacious and comfortable rooms, huge lobbies, lounges and everything you could want to spend your holidays in North America, such as the restaurants of these hotels, bars, spas, overflowing pools in these hotels for maximum comfort, top-notch hotel residences. There is generally good bedding, flat screen television, minibar, safe in the five-star rooms with private bathroom attached. Not to mention the multilingual and caring staff. Close to the sea and paradisiacal beaches or set in the depths of sublime valleys, in wide open spaces, you will have all the leisure to discover these chic hotel establishments with tropical gardens for a dream holiday on the other side of the world. An idyllic setting for a top-of-the-range trip. By the turquoise sea or not, on an attractive site, near tourist attractions or not, full board or not, you will have the choice. Enjoy a relaxing space in exceptional thalasso spas, where you can relax!

Holiday stays

What I like about the United States and Canada is the willingness to accompany the traveller to these establishments for a unique experience with exceptional wellness centres. The staff will always be attentive and smiling. Not to mention the facilities in spacious and luxurious spaces. It is usually the excess that is required when travelling to the United States. The American dream is accessible for a few dollars, it must be admitted. But from the moment you put the price on it, quality is essential. Between the amusement parks and the American West, there is no doubt that you will find entertainment on these lands.

For a trip off the beaten track

These cosmopolitan resorts will change your luxury travel by offering you luxury and a unique experience in the heart of fabulous scenery. For an adventure stay or an off-road trip, we offer ourselves the great luxury with a top-of-the-range hotel establishment that will allow you to fully enjoy it. These boutique hotels will transform your stay into an exceptional trip… Of course, the scenery will be breathtaking in the major American cities as well as in the back country as part of a US holiday. These hotels will not hesitate to offer you excursions worth a visit to discover mythical places in the USA. From Big Apple to the West Coast to Trendy Miami, discover luxury hotels that are worth a visit to beautiful sites in general. What you need to find serenity and recharge your batteries in complete peace of mind during an American trip with perfectly adapted travel offers.